Welcome to the New York Bake Shop in Israel !

About Us


Since 2014, the New York Bake Shop has been producing high quality baked goods right from our 13,000 square foot factory in Har Tuv Aleph, Beit Shemesh.

The New York Bake Shop is an American style bakery here in Israel. With over 140 different products and varieties, we are sure everyone will be able to satisfy their sweet and savory appetites. 

We offer a full line of cakes, cookies, pastries, challahs, donuts, cupcakes, muffins, kugels and more – all made with the finest ingredients available. We also offer a special sugar-free line and specialties such as “miniatures” and custom-made birthday cakes.


The New York Bake Shop is committed to strict Kashrus laws and regulations. All New York Bake Shop products are certified as Kosher by Rav Landau, Av Bais Din of Bnei Brak. Click here to see our Kashrus certificate.